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Delivery jobs in London


Your benefits

What our client(s) have to offer

✓  A guaranteed salary: earn by the hour not per delivery

✓ Work when you want to: full-time or part-time

✓ Work close to where you live

✓ Bonus scheme: more money never hurts

✓ Paid holiday - relax and start spending

✓ Training provided - no experience required

Live the dream

What will I be doing?

Pick and pack those yummy groceries safely into the delivery bag

Picking & packing

Why should I apply?

  • If there is more to you than a PDF document

  • If you are tired of submitting CVs for entry-level jobs to no avail

  • If you want to experience a hassle-free recruitment process

  • You are ready to get hired by top employers in the UK

  • You want to start earning money in no time

Swivel is a video recruitment platform.

We place applicants into high-quality entry-level placements without them needing to have a CV.

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